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Hörstation St. Johannes-Kirche Wiefelstede


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The oldest church of the Ammerland

Ammerland’s oldest church was consecrated in 1057 by Archbishop Adalbert of Bremen. The church and Christian Vater organ were completely restored in 2013. The church organ was completed in the 18th century by Christian Vater, who was a student of the famous organ builder Arp Schnitger. The oldest part is the semicircular apse, which is drawn in sideways to close the east wall. The high bell tower dates back to the end of the 15th century and its two bells were cast in 1503 and 1507. The heart of the church, its winged altar, was made in the 1520s. The pulpit and the baptismal font were created in the 17th century.
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Hörstation St. Johannes-Kirche Wiefelstede

Kirchstraße 6
26215 Wiefelstede

Tel.: +49 4402 / 60039
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